I used to feel like a cheat – calling myself a photographer, as I never received proper training from a school nor a course.

You see, once I was an art director.
In 2011 my friend Gary suggested: You’re on vacation? Come and shoot my wedding in North Carolina.

And I did.

Since then I’d shot weddings across Australia:
MONA in Tasmania, the Melbourne NGV, The Rocks in Sydney, a wildlife reserve in Newcastle.
I even took a cruise ship to Hayman Island.
I remember the one with crazy hats.
I’d shot a wedding in Japan. Twice.
My high school friends in Singapore and my college friend in Kuala Lumpur, they trusted me too.

Not formally educated as a photographer, I realised, set me apart.

I won’t bore you with my philosophy, history, cameras,  ‘story telling’, or other marketing jargons.

Just this: I shoot with the past and future in mind.

As your photographer, my job description is to document how far you’ve come, hand-in-hand, to one exact moment in life.
I freeze frame those moments, for you, for your family, to look back in fifteen, fifty, seventy years’ time.

Basically, I make time capsules.

If you think my work speaks to you, please get in touch using the contact form.
If you agree that a photo printed is worth much more than three thousand in a hard drive, please, let’s be friends.

Let’s talk about that memory that will go up on your wall.

My bare coverage starts from $2500; packages with fine art album $4000.
I work alone, no entourage, on a first-come-first-serve basis.