Destination Wedding – Leslie-Ann & Gary – North Carolina, USA.

October 13, 2010

Shooting Leslie-Ann and Gary’s wedding wasn’t nearly as difficult as deciding to shoot their wedding. It’s my first time involved in a full wedding, and first time visiting the United States to add. I was caving under the pressure and wrote them a letter to decline. This was Gary’s response:

“…by emphasizing that Leslie-Ann and I care a lot about our wedding photos, we are not at all worried about your “performance.”  Loving photography and having ridiculously high standards for a photographer are two different things.  We love photography.  But we do not have unreasonable expectations. As a challenge for a photographer, it is nothing more than a small party.  It’s a practice round for your wedding portfolio, and you have a rare opportunity to have free reign on a wedding armed with digital and film Nikon (again: “Nikon, right?”) gear, with a couple of people (me and LA) who are not tightly-wound douchebags who will get all bent out of shape if their photos are not exactly perfect.  We will love whatever you do.  I promise.”

And to think I almost didn’t want to go.


Love em Love em Love em Love em Love em

Harvard no shashin iine!!
I don’t find your photos “lonely” at all(I am not just talking about the wedding photos).
Every object and moment in the photos are a part of life.

Thank you Mari-san. 😀

Crap. Now I have to get married so you can shoot my hypothetical wedding. Annoyingly, that will be like 4 years away, and there’s no way I can afford you then! love love love love.

such a beautiful celebration, great work!

I so adore this wedding. I wish this is what I’d done for my own! And yay for an NC wedding 🙂

Dayum. This is wicked.

I love your point of view. I felt like I was there with them. Awesome job! ~emma

You’ve captured so many beautiful moments here; and could that bride be any more stylish? Love her hairpiece and her dress. Rock on. =)

Nice details on this wedding, you did a great job with coverage!

Absolutely adorable couple – you did a great job! Love it.

Incredible. Love the way you see, and the post work is awesome. Well done!

absolutely gorgeous! I love all the small moments and details you noticed here.

Seriously?! This is amazing, every little detail and more importantly, every moment you captured is just right! Huge congrats to Leslie and Ann.

Great job capturing all of the wonderful details!

I can never get enough ironing shots. Fun times!

I enjoy your style! Very interesting perspectives that you capture.

Seriously awesome coverage… love the moments you’ve captured!

Super cute couple and very artsy style to your photos.

Fabulous coverage! What a fun wedding!

those intimate backyard wedding with family and close friends are always fun! love it!

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