Taxi drivers like to ask what I do for a living.
Which I find unfair, because I can’t really ask them the same question.

And once I tell them the answer, 9 out of 10, they will ask which compact camera they should buy.
(Which camera izza the best for travelling?)

I normally cringe. And then try to recall that stylish new camera I read about on Monocole / WIRED / FastCo.
But at the back of my mind, there’s always a voice yelling ‘the phone! just tell them to save the money, and use their beeping phone! ‘

Yes. In my humble opinion, under non-commercialised, candid, personal documentation circumstances, the smart phone is the best camera.

Best point being I can pretend to be texting while composing a street shot.

Since Japan last year, I began to use it more frequently on weekdays.

And save the big guns for actual work.

(So 2005, I know.)

Anyway, this is a very long and convoluted way of announcing my presence on Instagram.

(So 2008, I know.)

I don’t really use it as a ‘sharing’ medium per se, but more like a visual diary.

Baby steps.