The year was 1997. The location, Malaysia.
Bruce had a crush on Alice. He was 15.
He didn’t score his first date until he turned 17.
10 years later, on their anniversary trip to Taiwan he proposed.
I came into the picture another year after that.

Alice and Bruce are so different, yet when you see them, you come to realize that’s the exact reason they’ve been together for 11 years.
This couple oozes creativity and their love for food and travel shines through their every move.
I’m glad they decided to celebrate their 11th anniversary with an engagement shoot in Melbourne.

This engagement shoot was recently featured on Rock n Roll Bride. Click here for more details.

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What a wonderful session! I adore the shot of them behind bars, haha- very cute.

great shoot harvard, gorgeous couple and really cool photography.

Love this post, Harvard. Great stuff.

So many good ones! amazing

Wow…gorgeous couple and editing. So cute! Epic in length and content!

These are awesome! I love your style. Great work!

Amazing locations and awesome outfits!

This set is WOW!

You’ve got a terrific style and look mate! Awesome epic post.
love it all.

Cuteness with a capital “K” as in Killer!

You’ve made life difficult for this couple, how will they ever choose what to put on their walls? So many amazing locations and photos, you’re work is awesome!!!

Wow. I mean wow! You are so good at making them pop wherever they are! Great composition and locations! Awesome!

Wow! This whole shoot is freaking rad! The couple, the locations, your composition, edited…. jeeez! Nice job indeed!