Felicity approached me two weeks ago for a portrait session.
Her family had a tiny window of opportunity that weekend to have all the young kids under one roof.
So I spent Saturday afternoon with them at Royal Park.

Now it’s pretty much set in stone, that children and pets are the most difficult to work with.

I think that’s only true if you want them to look and behave in a certain way.
Say, dressed in a fancy costume facing a full crew of nervous stylists, art directors, parents, account managers and clients situated in a giant cold studio, ignoring the hot and blaring spotlights.
Smiling on cue.
No frown, no sweat, no tears.
Not obscuring the logo of that big bag of diapers, or pet food. (Sometimes both.)
Within 1 hour.
Even adults can’t handle that.

Whereas if you simply want to document the characters, personalities, tantrums, those innocent traits we remember as childhood memories, I don’t think it’s difficult at all.
It shouldn’t be. Just let them be them.

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