You know Easter is approaching.
When you receive an email from Vue De Monde asking for photographs of hot cross buns.

I shot these last year.
I remember it was part of a bigger shoot, inventorying all the breads for the Piggery Cafe website.
The buns were last minute add-ons.

Fact: no food stylist nor artificial lighting were involved in this shoot.
Just me and Tim the baker, laying them out on the floor, me half-kneeling in an empty barn house.
Using the natural light from the door.

I insisted on the lighter shade of timber surface.
It was a short and decisive call, but I’m glad I did it.
A darker background would camouflage the chocolate and we would lose the shiny / rustic contrast that compliments the Vue De Monde style guide.

The last shot, was simply done when we were packing up.
Tim was chucking all the buns on the crate, ready to load the van.
You can see a hint of orange criss-cross crate pattern underneath the baking paper.

I did the “wait wait wait wait wait wait!” thing.

Sometimes you can work your models for one hour, just for that one shot in the end.

Hot cross buns, wedding couples.
Not so different.



What a comparison (and what a shot too)