1. In your free time you don’t want to eat out or party, but to enjoy the small moments – read a chapter of a book, cook a dish, catch up with a friend.
  2. You learn to negotiate with your child, which makes you a better negotiator in life.
  3. The future is near; the future is far.
  4. You’re not as perfect as you think you are.
  5. Everyone is making it up as they go.
  6. Your parents weren’t as terrible as you think they were.
  7. Insecure people care too much about private schools.
  8. From your child’s point of view, doing something fun is not as important as doing something together.
  9. You made peace with getting old, but not with people younger than you getting old.
  10. You thought your life is like a cup filled with rocks. And then your child comes along and fill it with pebbles. And then the next day she fills it with water. Then sand. Then floating leaves. Then oil.
    The cup is full, your life is full. But she finds a way to enrich it every day,

Child interacting with art piece at NGV Park Melbourne

Frances Ly

So true, love this!

11. You discover your inner actor, especially at meal times
12. Silence isn’t just golden anymore, it’s suspicious
13. So this is where they got the inspiration for the Energizer bunny
14. Her discovery is your discovery, her wonder is your joy
15. A smile solves everything =)


Never-ending list.