If you’re looking for a camera this Christmas, here’s my advice:

Buy the most expensive camera you can’t afford.

Do it.
Go all in.

If you don’t buy that expensive camera, it will limit your potential, your photographs.

Because you don’t have that extra megapixels.
Because the sensor is too small.
Because your camera can’t do 100 frames per second.
Because you don’t have enough focus points.
Because your viewfinder sucks.
Because you don’t have enough lenses.

When you buy that expensive camera with all the bells and whistles, surely there’s nothing stopping you from greatness.

You need a camera to match your post-processing skills, your composition awareness, your great timing for the decisive moment, your interpersonal skills, your flare, your personality.
You deserve it.
From now on you will have only great photos to show.

Your friends, your families, they will understand.
They won’t make fun of you if you ever decide to leave it around to collect dusts.
Your wife, she won’t give you that look for suggesting to buy a camera again.

So go ahead, buy that expensive camera you’ve always wanted this Christmas.

I dare you.