Osaka city view from Shin Osaka Station
So you meet a stranger in a foreign land.
A cashier, an Uber driver, the guy who makes your coffee, maybe.
You tell them you’re a photographer and you’re here to shoot a wedding.
Their mouths go wide open.
You have the best job in the world, they say.

But people who shoot weddings overseas, executives who fly in and out in business classes know this:
At some point, you feel like a ghost.

You have no connection to this place.
There is zero chance of you bumping into someone you know.
The magazines, the ads, the free brochures, they don’t speak to you.
Sometimes, you’re just taking the really long way from one conference room to another.

We get to travel, yes.
But we’re mostly on business.
It gets lonely.

Destination wedding photographers won’t admit to this.
But deep down, we all know.
All the time and freedom to do whatever I want, yet I just want to be home with my family.