I was going through my posts and realised I have only 25 entries posted for this year.
A very far cry from my ‘one post a week’ target of 52.
Since we still have 15 days to go before the end of the year, I figured if I post at least twice a day until New Year’s Eve, I might still very well achieve and beat my goal.
So here goes.

The first thing I’m willing to share about parenting (apologies to my many friends who’ve been doing this for a long time) is that as parents we always underestimate our children.

All our friends, families, the maternity nurse, gave us that ‘good luck’ look when we said we’ll be flying to Japan with our 10 week old baby.
And as hard as we tried to be calm, Chika and I were still worried.
Worried that the air pressure will harm the baby.
Imagining the vomit and poo.
The stress from other passengers.

And of course, nothing like that ever happened.
If anything out of the three of us, she enjoyed the flight the most.

I look back at my own childhood and wonder if I’m afraid of certain things because they really scared me, or because I was told that I should be scared.

My second epiphany as a parent, is that I admit it was also kind of fun.
The mundane experiences become special when you have a baby.

I never thought of looking for a parenting room in the airport.
Which lane to take during immigration.
How to use the changing table in the plane, the special infant seatbelt.
We get toys and special food, apparently.

If we don’t enjoy it, the baby probably won’t either.
The baby is as smart and as strong as you allow her to be.
Together we grow.