I woke up this morning missing Kagoshima terribly.
After returning from Japan I jumped into a busy Melbourne routine that I had no time to reflect on the trip.
(I do feel slightly burned out. Am I procrastinating? Well, maybe, I do have a wedding to shoot in 4 hours. I should prepare. Then again, blogging is very essential to the business. I should get a coffee. Maybe bring my laptop to the cafe. I wonder if they have a power socket? I need internet to upload files to dropbox though.)

Yesterday I picked up my dead, corrosion-ridden, corpse of a camera from the clinic.
And I’ve forgotten about the SD card in it.
See, when the camera was dying I still managed to snap some shots here and there.
This was one of them.

It was taken on the balcony of our room.
The ryokan was situated next to a river, and across the river was a patch of green forest.
A forest that flaunts its full grown nature and zen and every other things that even time could not touch.
And it is not helping with my Post Travel Depression.

Kagoshima forest in Japan taken with Leica M9