This is how I normally handle portraits.
I convince my subjects to relax and be themselves.
‘Pretend I’m not here,’ is my constant bad advice.
Because I know they can never pretend the guy with two cameras crouching on the ground like a love pervert, isn’t there.
Yet that gives them an idea of what I’m aiming for, so that’s why I keep saying it.

With Sally though, it’s different.
She reminded me of the story of actress Margaret O’Brien, who when instructed by her director to cry, would ask if they wanted the tears to run all the way or stop halfway down.
Sally needed no cue. In fact she could give me a full range of expressions and body languages.
All I needed to do was decide on what feelings the viewer should take away from looking at a particular shot.
Which was tougher than I thought.
Because it is not about the technical aspects anymore, it’s soul-searching.

Maybe that’s why I like this portrait.
The accidental lens flare tells the story between a guy with zero fashion photography experience, and the lady who’s been a professional model most of her life.

ps. If you think Sally looks familiar, that’s because I shot her wedding 2 years ago.

Melbourne fashion model Sally


Well make yourself at home 😀

I love this. Love also how you described yourself.
Your friend, our friend, Shaun Lee asked me to come here for a look.