July 22, 2013

Sometimes I forget I have a blog. Particularly, this blog.
15 minutes ago I was taking a shower, ticking off my mental boxes of things to do.
That’s when I remembered I have this site to update.
Also my Pinterest page, tumblr page, Flickr account, Facebook page, Instagram.

I want to watch the new Newsroom, I want to finish the old West Wing, I want to post my photos about Japan, I want to compile a folio to approach other magazines, I want to research on more food shots, finish that Murakami book, go to the NGV, I want to organise an exhibition next year, and then read about cool stuff on the internet, and update my personal blog, then my Chinese blog.

And then there’re the needs: I need to edit my shots for Melbourne Magazine, I need to design albums, create a folio site, I need to sort out contracts, book my accommodation for the next Japan trip, reply emails, meet up with couples, submit to wedding blogs.

That’s on top of stuff that I absolutely shouldn’t be neglecting, like actually shooting with my camera.
And laundry.

I’m not trying to play arrogant or brag about how busy I am.
Just that when things are set up to be equally important, it’s much easier to forget them altogether.

And so far, things I do in my life have been pretty unremarkable.
So I can’t believe people are actually following this, waiting for me to update my ‘business portal’.
Yet Google tells me I have 17.38% traffic coming from Slovakia.
(If you’re not a spambot, then Ahoj!)

So if you’re no following me here, and have been waiting for me to update this blog, I apologize for the disappointment.
I’ll try to be nice and update more frequently.

Right after this episode of the US Masterchef.