The dudes are emerging.

July 29, 2014

I stumbled across this video yesterday.
Numerous takes of Robert Downey Jr filming a scene from Tropic Thunder across Ben Stiller.
(Context: Ben is directing from the other side of the camera.)

If you are doing, had done, or have attempted to do something creative, you will know when I mention the ‘dreaded feeling of hopelessness’.
When you flip open a book, clicked on some forwarded link, even glanced at someone’s status update.
That sinking feeling that you will never, ever amount to that level of creativity / fame / productivity / beard growing / cats.

So, what has this got to do with the video?
Well, first, acting is not easy.
Also, it’s kinda entertaining to see how an American pretends to be an Australian pretending to be an African American.
Next point: If you think it gets any easier when you go pro or famous, chances are, it does not.

The final scene in the movie is about 20 seconds long.
But as you can see after 12 minutes, the camera is still rolling.
Can you imagine putting in 36 times the effort in everything you do?
Well, apparently that’s what the professionals do.
For a comedy.

I know it sounds like I’m going off on a ‘ you gotta, gotta do what you love ‘ tangent, but I’m not.
‘Do what you love’ is so Y2K, even ads don’t say that anymore.

Being professional is never about passion.
It’s about delivering the same result, on the dot, rain or shine.
Knowing that you can perform at a constant level without flinching.
Without your own emotions (or worse, ego) getting in the way.