I miss heated seats.
I miss genkan – the half doorway, half front porch space where I remove and put on my shoes.
I miss the stone steps I imagined hopping on with my daughter in the future.
I miss green tea, oh my gawd I miss the tannins of a hot cup of green tea right after a bite of red bean cake.

I miss punctuality. I miss having hooks for my umbrella in the toilet.
Magazines with information so dense that you feel safe and almost proud to be a geek.
I miss old and new.
I miss the 5’o clock sun.

I miss baths. And the vinegar drink right after.
I miss cutting-edge packaging with crazy instructions.
The almost too formal illustrations and tight kerning of fonts.
I miss using the same card to board trains and purchase ramen.

I miss sliding doors.
I miss driving next to the mountains.
Using the hazard signal to say ‘thank you’ when someone lets me through.

It’s the little things.

It’s always the little things.