I was having coffee with Mark the art director at Fairfax on a Tuesday morning.
He invited me over to tour the HQ.
I shook hands with the editors of Good Food and she asked if I had any stock shots of dumplings for their cover story.
Knowing that Instagram photos don’t really count, I said no.
While I was leaving the building Mark called and asked if I was available to shoot that afternoon at David’s.
I looked into my bag and saw the Sony A7 with a 35mm lens, remembered I had a meeting at 3pm, and the fact that I hadn’t a clue of the lighting condition at the restaurant.
‘ Yes,’ I said.
‘Can we do it within the next hour though?’
From coffee to dumplings, just like that.

January Epicure cover Dumplings

Christina Pagliaro

Dear Harvard Wang,

Jess Peacock from Vue de Monde has kindly passed your details onto me in relation to photography for a dish by Shannon Bennett, which will be included in the catalogue for an upcoming QAGOMA exhibition.

The publication is a sort of hybrid ‘exhibition catalogue meets food writing’, and will include photography from 10 renowned chefs from around Australia, including Shannon Bennett.

I did wonder whether you might be interested in this job and what your fee might be? (We’re looking at having all photography due by March 3.) I should also mention right upfront that,as a government organisation, I have a strong suspicion that we won’t be able to afford standard commercial rates. So, if you’re at all interested, I would love to hear from you.

I can be contacted on 07 3831 7301 or this email.

Kind regards
Christina Pagliaro