I woke up earlier to make some pancakes this morning.
It took longer as expected since the instruction asked for ‘low heat for 3 minutes per side’ for each pancake.

You know what is amazing about Japan?
No hay fever.

Based on Chika’s mum’s recommendation, we decided to have sushi train for lunch.
We had our doubts when we saw how run down the place was, but once we had our first nigiri sushi, our hearts just melted together with the sashimi.

You’d think it’s ramen, but sushi is truly Japan’s national dish.

The tables were stained, my side of the couch had holes with tapes on top, but it didn’t matter.
I guess this was how it used to be before the big franchises took over.

Even the ‘bullet train’ that delivered our custom orders, felt like the older model.

The rest of the day was spent cooking the bolognese expected from me the day before.
The vegetables here had higher water content than Melbourne, so it took longer for them to brown.
The minced meat broke down so much quicker and faster though.

Me trying to make an authentic ‘Italian’ bolognese in Japan – there’s probably a joke about this somewhere on the internet.

Good news for the day – no car accident.
Also, dad was told he’d be ready to return home after 2 weeks, instead of 3 months.

I finished the Tokyo Zodiac Murders. Making sense of the names were tiring, but I could see how the reveal made it to rank 3rd on the top 100 mystery novels of all time in Japan.

We also tried out the float for Hana in the bathtub, forcing her to become a human jellyfish.