About me

Once, I was an art director.

In 2010, my friend Gary said to me:
You’re on vacation? Come and shoot my wedding in North Carolina, pal.

And I did.

Since then I’d shot different weddings across Australia:
MONA in Tasmania, the Melbourne NGV, The Rocks in Sydney, a wildlife reserve in Newcastle. I even took a cruise ship to Hayman Island. I remember the one with crazy hats in Belgrave. I’d shot a wedding in Japan, twice. No, thrice. Four times now. My bride flicked leeches off her ankle in Malaysia. You should’ve seen the empty Raffles Hotel just after midnight.


I’ve been featured on the usual suspects – Polka Dot Weddings, Rock N Roll Bride, White, Nouba, Wedding Notebook, etc.
Not being formally educated as a photographer, set me apart.

As your photographer, my job description is to document how far you’ve come, hand-in-hand, to one exact moment in life.
I freeze-frame those moments, for you, for your family, to look back in fifteen, fifty, seventy years’ time.

I make time capsules.

If you think my work speaks to you, please get in touch using the contact form.
If you agree that a photo printed is worth much more than three thousand on a hard drive, please, let’s be friends.

My bare coverage starts from $1500; packages with fine art album $3000.

I look forward to working with you.