Tramy approached me 2 months ago to shoot their pre-wedding in Sydney.
“We are very shy in front of the camera,” she said.
“You need to teach us how to pose,” she said.

Cut to last Friday evening at The Rocks, Tramy and Wai got off the car and stroke their first pose.
I realized she was being humble all along.

Walking home after the second day of shooting, I still couldn’t believe how we pulled it off.
They’re both from Hong Kong. They’ve never been to Sydney before.
Yet in the end, they managed to source their wardrobe from home, tracked down a local make-up artist, and a wedding photographer from Melbourne.
And just to increase the difficulty, Wai was on a business trip.

Tramy and Wai were not only awesome in front of the camera as clients, they also taught me a valuable life lesson.
We need to constantly remind ourselves that things may not be as difficult as they seem.

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Michelle Edmonds – So much beautiful, and such a cute couple. I also love your logo, by the way

Love this set!

Really nice work! Lovely compositions.

Awesome set. Love your PP.

So much beautiful, and such a cute couple. I also love your logo, by the way 🙂

That first stairwell set is rad! I especially love the shots from above. Well done!

Great set! You totally killed these!

really sweet couple. you did a killer job.

such a cute couple. Awesome job!

Amazing set! They look so regal and classy. Really great stuff.

Awesome work Harvard! That second last one is simply stunning!!