I was struggling to write something for this post because I still can’t grasp how lucky I was to be invited as a photographer to Hitomi and Kazu’s wedding in Fukuoka, Japan.
Apparently only 28% of Japanese couples choose to go full-on traditional for their wedding.
There’s always something formal yet poetic about Japanese culture, even on their wedding day.
I have never seen so many grown men cry.
I have never seen so many smart phones and cameras under one roof.
I have never seen a wedding cake being sliced by a samurai sword.
Culture shock? Sure. It’s definitely a far cry from Melbourne.
But I still can’t grasp how lucky I was to be invited as a photographer at Hitomi and Kazu’s wedding.


I love it all! And that cake looked so good =)

Thank you for sharing this with us. Such a unique expression of a different culture! Wonderful work.

These relly make me want to shoot a wedding in asia. Beautiful work!

Great pics Harvard!

Wow – these are absolutely gorgeous. The wallpaper in the room where the bride was getting ready really set the mood for the rest of the wedding, too. These are enchanting. =)

What a great opportunity! Really beautiful job capturing all the details of such an amazing day.

Holey cow! what a beautiful representation of such a cool looking wedding. Awesome shots and bitchen story telling.

i haven’t seen Japanese wedding before, so thanks to the experience 🙂

Amazing collection of images. So well done and I love your post work!


Two questions…
Why do Japanese/Chinese people do the “V” sign a lot in photos?
How do I purchase the fabulous white flower on blue background picture?

Amazing to see an authentic Japanese ceremony, great work.

WOW!!! These are phenomenal!

Love the style here!

Oh wow. Beautiful. Such great photojournalism, love your approach!