The year was 2008.
One of the most sought after advertising agency in America announced a competition:
Send us a 20-page PDF about yourself, and if it’s interesting, you will be invited to our agency in Portland.

I submitted and did not get chosen.
Nelson, however, received a golden ticket.

This is all to prove that his stats are more powerful than mine.

So while I managed to shoot weddings on the side, Nelson launched a travel magazine while being an art director.
A bilingual one, in Shanghai, all by himself.
One with many favourable reviews.

Lost is not your usual travel magazine.
You have to read it to understand.
Certain bookshops have trouble categorising it.

I am fortunate enough to be invited to contribute to the second issue.

I wrote about my experiences in Japan with my family-in-law.
To me, the suburban life in Fukuoka is my very own unique travel story.

I’m proud not only because this is the first time my photos are being published overseas, but also, this is the first time my Chinese writing is being published overseas.

If you’re in Melbourne, they can be purchased from Metropolis Bookshop.