I have a wedding to shoot tomorrow.
And another one the day after.
So naturally I’m trying not to think too much about wedding.

Let’s talk about something else.

Last week I was engaged to do some formal portraits for Vue De Monde’s website.

The set up was really, really simple.
Since we’re on the 55th floor, we had ample amount of natural light coming from the window.
All I needed to do was to bounce the light with a reflector.
Thanks to some mischievous staff, you could see my set up in the final photo.

I burned the window side a touch in photoshop so the dark background appears consistent throughout the shots.

I felt a bit hurt, when one of the staff saw his/her photo, and thought he/she looked terrible.
I personally think portraits should show one’s personality; not beauty.

Alright, back to polishing lenses.