You think you know the city you live in.
You’ve made decisions based on what you think you know.
Life decisions.
Career decisions.
Photography decisions.

And then a couple comes by.
Just a normal couple.
Just a normal pre-wedding-get-to-know-each-other session.

You bring them to your go-to places.
Fail-safe places.

The sun is unexpectedly bright.
But no worries, you know the city you live in.
You lead them to your alley ways.
Fool-proof alleys.
With staircases. Graffitis.

But today, today you decide to look down.
And for the first time, you see this oasis of a location.
Quiet, rustic, untouched.
Perfect pocket of light.
You start to explore with your couple, like a group of tourists.
You tell them what to do before you dash back for a better vantage point.

You think you know the city you live in.