” How did you find out about me? ” I was Skype messaging with Louisa from Hong Kong.
” The internet.” She replied.
” Which part of the internet? ” I typed back.
” I googled ‘Melbourne Wedding Photographer’ and found you eventually” was her response.
And I was lost for words.

Allow me to explain.
Weeks ago I received a call from India.
The guy on the other end told me: Your Google Search Engine Result Page (or SERP as they call it) for ‘Melbourne Wedding Photographer’ is on page 8. I can make you appear on the first page of Google! All you nee-
I hung up and thought: Page 8? That’s awesome!
That’s how bad my online presence is on Google.
So for Louisa to eventually find me to shoot her registration in Melbourne, she had to go through 7 pages of Melbourne photographers.
That’s insane.

There’s a reason for my sucky SERP.
I don’t believe in boosting SEO with money.
I don’t believe in online traffic.
I can have millions of hits and enquiries, but if the couples can’t connect with my work, they will simply move on.

I know I am still too young to offer any advice to photographers.
But this is a business advice based on personal experience:

Focus on connecting with your audience.

Some of them are willing to go through 7 pages of SERPs to find the right product.

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Hi Harvard,

Any chance you’d be interested in shooting a wedding on Hayman Island in October next year?

We really want someone who will take fun, unposed creative shots and I think your work is beautiful and your blogs are awesome.

Email me back if you might be interested.


Becca Z

*laughs* I’d do it for you for free you know. 😛

Thanks Justin. But y u no update your site recently? 🙂

Dude, you’re awesome. And what you’ve written here is so true and real to me today, thanks for posting 🙂