After five years of blog-scrolling, the new website is up!
I wanted to launch this at the beginning of financial year, but that was too ambitious.
The rule of thumb seems to be [deadline + 4 weeks].

Click here or my name above to see the shiny landing page with galleries fading in and out.

In my head I thought: that’s easy, I just need to pick and upload some photos I like, right?
Little did I know the decision process spiralled into an excavation of pain, self-loathing, doubt, and childhood trauma.
But please, have a look.

The blog is here to stay.
If you’re reading this, you’re at the right place.
All the recent images are 2016-compliant, that means the old posts will be all pixelated and unretina-friendly.
Google is giving me a 61% pass for load time, because, well, this is a photographer’s website with many, many photographs.

We appreciate your patience while we iron out some bugs in this responsive world.