imperfect glass mug

Last week I documented a glass artist for a residential project.
It’s amazing to see how before glass lamps became glass lamps, they were actually soft and malleable, like caramel and hot toffee.

As I was packing up I saw a row of glass tumblers, made from ex-beer bottles, ex-wine bottles, and ex-medication bottles.

“You selling these?” I asked Ruth.

“Yea, $25 apiece.”

I took too long to pick the right ones until she came along.

“These ones? These ones are the second batch. Why don’t you pick these, the first?”

“What’s a second batch?” I asked.

“Oh, the wonky ones. The imperfect ones.”

“But, I like the imperfect ones. This one fits my palm perfectly.”

A slight pause.

Did you figure out where this anecdote is going?

Like wedding photography, I don’t think there’s a ‘best’ Melbourne wedding photographer.

What matters the most is if you found the best wedding photographer for YOU.

One that fits your palm perfectly.