It’s not simple to be simple.
When I was in uni everyone liked to leave plenty of negative space because it’s cool (and of course easy) to say ‘less is more’.
Like Apple, like Google.
But they seldom teach that white only works when the product is brilliant.
When there’s nothing else to say.

To bare yourself one needs courage.
No primary colours, no click-bait title or fancy typography to distract attention.
Just the product.

If this were a restaurant review I’d say the owners of Chotto are batshit insane (sorry client).
They are focusing on kaiseki ryori – traditional Japanese food you find usually at hot spring resorts.
Most Japanese don’t usually get to enjoy these dishes in Japan.

One of the highlights of kaiseki ryori is that food is always seasonal.
These photos were taken six months ago so my heart aches for the orange mille-feuillee.
The owners are always constantly on the look-out for new ingredients to update their menu.
They also source teas directly from Japan and only serve sustainable fish.
They grate wasabi to order, cook the stock by painfully simmering kelp and bonito flakes, and slow-grill their meat over charcoal.
The ikebana flower piece in the table, arranged by a professional.

Maybe the Japanese spirit is to be batshit insane after all.

I’d slowly discovered that a few of my friends are die-hard customers and they all praise on Chotto’s simplicity.
As I said in the beginning, it is never simple.