For the past month, whenever I tell my friends about Melbourne Magazine closing down, their immediate reactions were either:
1) What? When did this happen?!  Or;
2) But why? It was so well written / produced / photographed / done.

I personally found out about it just before I boarded my plane to Japan, so I didn’t have much time to reflect and ponder.
But these things happen, for sound or unsound reasons.

I attended the farewell drinks last Thursday and it was such a humbling experience, meeting so many experienced editors, writers, designers, art directors, and not to mention photographers.
The photographers.
These weren’t the starting-out-trying-to-crack-the-industry photographers. I believe they ARE the industry.
I am still humbled that I actually shared the same title with them, standing in the same room, eating the same mushroom pizza with truffle oil.

I’ve attended my share of farewell parties, this one was more upbeat than I expected.
Either they’ve seen it all, or everyone just expects to cross paths again in the future.
Which leads me to believe that the Melbourne Magazine will simply return as something different in the future.

It’s been a short 12 months shooting for the magazine, but the people I’ve met, the food I’ve tasted.
You can only imagine.



Su Ann Ong

Hey Harvard, it’s a shame the Melbourne Magazine is no long running. Just wanted to say I really love all of these photos. The composure and the colours! The colours are vivid and feels so real, like it’s right there in front of you. Look forward to more of your pictures and enjoy Japan 🙂

Su Ann