The door opened at 7pm and the front of house started greeting everyone by first names.
I realised then it was truly a VIP event.
Everyone was either regulars, or close friends, or that grumpy judge from Masterchef Matt Preston.
I was the last minute guest replacing Bec, Yuuki’s wife, and I had a feeling they could smell that I didn’t belong.
It was my first time in Attica, the highest new entry in this year’s Top 50 Restaurants of the World.
And with a huge stroke of luck, it was also a collaborative event with a 2 star Michelin restaurant from San Francisco, Coi.
The two restaurants would prepare half of the course respectively, titled ‘ Dan and Ben’s excellent adventure ‘.

Our deal for the night was for Yuuki to focus and concentrate on taking the notes while I take care of the photographs.
But more than once the both of us were simply distracted, by the interesting remarks from the table next to us, by our own sounds of ‘mmm’s and ‘wah’s, by Yuuki’s gourmet adventure around the world.

I have no idea how to conclude this post, since I’m still an amoeba when it comes to fine dining.
So I’m attempting to let the photos do the talking.
Hopefully you could feel the creativity, energy and philosophies of the chefs.

Ben and Dan Patterson signature AtticaBen Shewry giving a speech at AtticaFermented corn dishBrown rice cracker Coi Daniel PattersonSnow Crab and Sorrel AtticaAsparagus cooked in its juice CoiWaiter pouring sauce to Marron dishMarron and ground greens AtticaBeef encrusted in Lichen - CoiChefs working in Attica MelbourneRaw strawberry jam - AtticaWhipped coconut with passionfruit and gianni olive oil - CoiChef giving thumbs up and V sign at Attica MelbournePukeko egg - AtticaAttica entrance Ripponlea


Beautiful set, I love it.

Matthew Townsend

Yep, amazing stuff. Which body and lens did you use?


Amazing stuff Harvard; dare I say, your finest series to date!