Kobe has become my favourite city in Japan.
Perhaps because it is so similar to Melbourne.
Mainly its many foreign influence.
The little alleys, the city grid, 80s architecture, cheese cakes, pork buns.
It’s weird to feel like you’re at home, yet travelling at the same time.
The only thing Melbourne doesn’t have is charcoal steaks that made me happy just to taste my own burp.
(Ok, maybe also the port, the ramen, the vending machines, and the polite salesperson that would walk you out of the shop with your carefully wrapped paper clip.)
But you can’t win them all.
Shots still taken with an iPhone4.

Portliner Kobe Japan Travel PhotographyJapan Sannomiya Highway KobeTravel photograph of Kobe's highwaysAerial view of Kobe CBDDetail of Kobe city windowsCouple waiting for train in Kobe JapanMan selling big issue in Kobe JapanChinatown Kobe - Melbourne Travel PhotographerPeking duck bun - Chinatown, Kobe - Travel PhotographerTruck in Kobe shopping centreConcrete wall details in Kobe, Japan Asics walking diagnosis in Kobe JapanKobe's street view by a Melbourne Travel PhotographerInteresting sculpture - Kobe Travel PhotographerBlood donation appeal - Kobe, JapanDaimaru in Kobe - Melbourne Travel PhotographerIzakaya bar in Kobe, Japan - Travel PhotographyTravel photography - Brutus in hairdresserFlower street in Kobe, JapanIconic building in Kobe, JapanMarron dessert menu in Kobe, JapanMarron cake in Kobe, JapanOld fashion Inari shop in Kobe, JapanA Muji Poster - Melbourne Travel PhotographerRosyoki in Kobe, Japan - Melbourne Travel PhotographerPork buns of Rosyoki in Kobe, JapanA typical shop front in Kobe, JapanTiny cafe in Kobe, JapanOld Chinese shop front in Kobe, Japan - Melbourne Travel PhotographerKobe man looking at a travel photographer from MelbourneRadical architecture building in Kobe, JapanSteak from A-1 Steak House in Kobe, JapanBunny girls in Kobe, JapanMelbourne Travel Photographer in KobeHalloween sculpture in Kobe, JapanFire hydrant access design in Kobe, JapanGirl with the pearl earrings exhibition in Kobe, JapanOld man posing like girl with pearl earrings in Kobe.Women eating lunch in Tooth Tooth at Kobe, JapanComme de Garcons interior designInterior of Daimaru, Kobe, JapanStreet work in Kobe, Japan - Melbourne Travel PhotographerCafe beans in Kobe, JapanSingle women in cafe - Melbourne Travel PhotographerMan and lamp in cafe - Hara donuts, KobeCafe interior in Kobe - Melbourne Travel PhotographerA travel photo in Kobe, JapanKids eating ramen in Kobe ChinatownInterior of train in KobeTravel view of Sannomiya station in Kobe, Japan