So it was day two of my weekend engagement shoot in Perth.
The serious day – with proper dress, tux, shoes and all.
Ashley, Alex and I were having a hard time deciding where to go.
The only thing we knew was to avoid that infamous blue boat house at all cost.
In the end we found this random university campus and an abandoned park house in Wanneroo, 30km away from the city.

I wasn’t trying to be difficult or ‘hip’, scouting new places that are painful to get to.

But experience tells me that there’s usually a sense of dread, if it’s your special day, and you have to queue up to have your photos taken.
Even if it’s your turn, you see four other couples with their bridal party and camera crew staring at you, waiting.
Be it a wedding day, or an engagement or portrait session, it should never feel like a theme park ride.

Yes, the end product is important.
But it shouldn’t be the only thing that’s important.

Take it slow. Take it far.
If you’re an introvert like me, make it quiet.
Make it intimate.
Make it an experience they’d like to remember.



Hi, would you mind sharing the location of where you shot these amazing engagement photos?