This was not my first time joining a mochitsuki (rice cake pounding) session.
To be honest, the last time five years ago was rather traumatic since I had sore wrists and blisters the next day.
And then the old uncles who were administering the sessions were both in the hospital.
Yet surprisingly, it was a beautiful day.
Siblings and relatives came to help.
A stark contrast from the last time, everyone was so enthusiastic, they didn’t need much help from me.
I had time to make a video using my phone.

Maybe there’s a lesson in this.
The younger generation is always capable of stepping up.
Or should I say, never make assumptions whether people ‘can’ or ‘cannot’ do something before they actually try.

And if they can’t, trust that there are others to help.
Even if you don’t see each other often, don’t get along too well, just pull your weight and accomplish this one thing together.
I think that’s the spirit behind all traditional event.
Japanese or not.

After 12 am on the 1st of January, we walked to the closest temple, pulled the giant bell, and made wishes for a better new year.
But seriously, I think everyone was up because they stayed up late watching TV.