I always fantasize about wedding photographers before smartphones.
Before maps, apps.
Before digital sensors, high-speed uploads.

To show up at the church with 10 rolls of film.
And deliver a contact sheet of the ceremony, exchange of rings, family portraits, and exit of the church.

To easily put your hand up and say ‘I only shoot weddings’.

Cut to 2020, and we have drones, smoke bombs and stuntmen.

I’m not complaining, one thing that is beneficial about being a wedding photographer today, is the opportunity to cross-genre.

A wedding photographer, is also a food photographer, an architecture photographer.
If you can cover a wedding, you can cover still life and editorial.
You can cover music, dance lights.

As the wedding photographer, you have an ample amount of time and opportunity to observe, to scout, to interact with people outside of your comfort zone.
The food is plated, flowers arranged, guests zhushed up, and mostly in good spirits.

It is an amazing opportunity for you to build experience, connections, folios.
There is no reason for not being able to carve out something amazing.
You just need to be curious, open-minded and make the effort effortless.
Ask yourself if you care enough.

Seriously, what a time to be alive as a wedding photographer.

an example of a family portrait by a melbourne wedding photographer