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I was away overseas for over six weeks.
Only when I arrived home to my editing monitor did I realise how much I’d accustomed to consuming content on my phone, my laptop.
How much details I miss looking at photographs.
This could be the norm for my daughter. I assume some people at this day and age only watch movies on their phones or tablets.
All the great photographers, now part of a pinterest board, scrolled through after a selfie, a recipe, a motivational quote.
Those people could be my client, and their wedding memories will forever be enclosed to a six or ten-inch device at best.

I have no solution to this, portable screens are important for their convenience, their ability to kill boredom and their appearance of looking important.
Device makers seem to think you won’t notice as long as they pack more pixels in a cigarette box.

But visit art galleries.
Watch movies at the cinema.
Sync your photos to your smart TVs.
Write with a pen, draw with a brush.
Enlarge your precious memories.
We don’t need sharpness, we just need scale.
We need to see the graininess, the rough scars, the traces of life.
Chew slower before looking for the next spoonful.

How can we think big, when we’re all hunched back thinking small?