The idea of shooting around the city makes me cringe.

I always try to hint to my couples, the ‘popular’ spots, the one everyone goes to, can be discouraging.

See: Parliament building, Carlton Gardens, that door in front of RMIT. Little beach huts near Brighton.

Groups of bridal parties, with a stretch of limos and production crews, waiting for their turn.

An instant bridal expo.

You may feel like your special day is no longer special.

I hint.

Then again, that was pre-COVID.

In 2021 Melbourne, if you were able to have guests at your ceremony and reception, you’ve won big time.

In fact, I was the one pushing Karen and Hong to default spots yesterday because the city was half empty.

We even managed to get a bar shot in Pellegrini’s, sipping granitas.

With videographers.

10 years ago, I’d try to stand out – scout for cool spots, find that unique lighting and composition, superpose …

In 2021 Melbourne, I tell myself:

Just make sure they look good and happy, man.

Wedding couple walking next to Pelligrini Melbourne Laneway