Claudea and Patrice’s wedding is the only one I saw in Melbourne (or ever, actually) in which the groom wore sneakers during the ceremony.

Inside St Patrick’s Cathedral, no less.

Mind you, it’s a limited edition collector’s Air Jordan, and it probably cost more than your average wedding shoes.

(And he received more at the gift registry.)

My daughter was probably 2 months old then, and I couldn’t help but resonate with the generosity of Claudea.

To accept and love Patrice as the sneakerhead he was.

They’re also the only couple who fed me lobster during the reception.


I shot their family portrait last weekend (happy anniversary!) and I saw the same patience and generosity towards their daughter.

Love, is also a flat circle.

bride and groom with air jordan shoes before reception above Krimper cafe

bride groom last kiss at the entrance of krimper cafe entrance end of wedding reception