Some of my couples become my friends, some clients were friends to start with.
And whenever I see their lives progress, from husband and wife to mum and pop, I feel a sense of joy, then relief, as if my photography had something to do with it.
I recently saw Asuka and Tatsuya have relocated from Osaka to Fukuoka, with their two children, and I went back and revisited their wedding day.
A couple of photographs stood out that I didn’t notice six years ago.
It happens all the time, shots I thought were ordinary became extraordinary after the poaching of time.
That’s right, time. Back then, I did not think much about time and took it for granted.
Just like the two cameras I used back then, the Leica MP and Leica Q, which I’d traded and sold.
Sure, modern cameras are much better, but in a way, it’s also surreal to know I can no longer produce the same photographs.
That’s why wedding photography is sacred and precious.

Japanese bride and groom embracing during ceremony in Osaka world expo geihinkan Japanese bride waiting for ceremony in Osaka