I’m a Wedding Photographer in Melbourne.


Stormy Yarra Valley - Zonzo Estate.

Rachel & Chris

Classic Melbourne Wedding

Bronnwyn & Tim

Top Paddock Cafe Wedding

Shelley & Chris

NGV Triennal Wedding

Ayaka & Philippe

NGV Modern Jewish Wedding

Ilana & Michael

Melbourne Mad Hat Wedding

Bec & Yuuki

Lorne Rainy Wedding

Lucinda & Buckley

We survived a pandemic!

What a Beautiful Day.

Weddings have changed. Lives, altered.
Yet, love will always be the same.

There is no ‘style’ to my photography, I don’t like the word ‘story’, as it implies fabrication, as if we sat down and plotted a happily ever after.

Sometimes, I see gentle whispers, a breath you take before entering the ceremony, the relief of having found the other half of your soul, the first dance, the worried parents, the chaos – they’re the sum of your journeys.

Photography preserves our memories for the future.
Like jam, like wine, like miso.

A medium format portrait of a Lorne wedding couple on a bridge taken with Mamiya 645

About me

It's all about the honey

Forget cheese, wooden soldiers, and stiff neck posing. Wedding is about real people, real emotions as it happens. I provide time capsules for you to look back and think: yup, that’s us. That’s memory. That was the beginning of the rest of our lives.