Every time I meet up with clients I start with the one question:
So how did you find me?

Today I had an unexpected answer.

The soon-to-be-groom told me he’s an image retoucher.
More of a visual person.
After typing in the keywords in the search bar, he clicked on the ‘images’ tab.
That way, he could scroll through images rather than reading through type-based search results.
He then picked the photographs with the colour treatment he liked best and narrowed down his search.
Eventually he found me.

Photographers bang head on walls to reach the front page of Google search results.
Apart from the fact that I have no control how Google would rank and display my images (as it depends on how users interact with search results), it really brought home that the same tools, in different hands, really yield different results.

All this time we learn that flooding keywords in your content is the most common way to increase a page’s SERP.

But maybe optimising your image is equally important.

I like this revelation because it leads me back to what matters most:

If your photographs appear next to others in a page of Google image search results, will they stand out?

End of lesson.
Class dismissed.