I decided to share my most recent shoot.
Express! Instead of my usual slow burn.
I literally just emailed the gallery to the family minutes ago.

I remember when I last shot the girls I shared their photo on my Facebook page with  ‘dolls’ as the caption.
Two years later they’re now big dolls with bigger vocabularies.

As we were shooting last week, mum and dad kept asking the girls to behave and smile nicely.
But as I was limiting myself to pick 25 shots to share on this post, I couldn’t stop but clicking on the ones with silly faces.

Usually when I’m shooting I sweat on the technical side of things.
But at the back of my mind, I’m also imagining what the family would want on their wall.
Sometimes I also imagine what the kids will think ten years down the road.
What their kids will think another twenty down.
Maybe they’ll feel embarrassed. Bittersweet nostalgia?
Maybe happy. Or melancholy.

I just hope they will feel something.

Tell me I’m not the only one.