I don’t like to talk about gears.

You know, Nikon vs Canon, full frame vs mirrorless, prime lenses vs zoom lenses, yadda yadda yadda.

For one I think it is a waste of time. 

A photographer should use what makes him or her feel comfortable enough to do the best job that is required.
The equipment is simply an extension to the photographer’s vision.

But I am making an exception here because of my one experience in Sydney last year.

I was on a bus heading towards the location of my second day of shooting an engagement.
About 3 stops away, the bus driver suddenly started asking about my camera.
And then he proceeded to tell me about his camera and asked for my opinion.
Then he started talking about his holiday, his home, his job.

Now I don’t know about your regular Sydneysider.
But I doubt engaging a bus driver in a pleasant conversation happens everyday.

Even when I got off at Windsor station, he smiled and waved long enough for me to take a shot.

It all started with a camera.
Who would’ve thought?
Sydney Wedding Photographer


I fully agree with regards to the gear part.