What can you get for $525?

Half an iPhone.
Maybe one third of a rock star photographer’s workshop.
The full VIP package to Semi-Permanent design conference.
A quarter page worth of advertorial space on a bridal magazine.
Five hundred and twenty five packets of instant noodles.
Six months worth of electricity.
Playstation 4.

When I was invited to join a table at Heston’s Fat Duck, I weighed my options.
In a way, it was like winning a gastronomy lottery which I didn’t enter in the first place.

But looking back I’m glad I did it.

To experience and observe the pioneer of molecular gastronomy.
To feast with my eyes and (try to) taste with my ears.
Realising design exists between the dishes and their plates.
Complimentary colours, contrasting textures, composition and techniques.
How to construct a narrative through a menu.
Educate diners about whiskey and terroir through visual cues and interactivity.
Employing red uniforms for lunch; pink ones for dinner.
Mustard can be ice cream, and cabbage can be soup.
Using nostalgia to set the scene.
How to invoke a sense of ‘once in a life time’.

I walked away from this experience as a better designer and diner.
Definitely a better photographer.

What can you get for $525?
I got inspired.
Melbourne Fat Duck EntranceMelbourne Fat Duck InteriorVIP Champagne Melbourne Fat DuckMelbourne Fat Duck Wine ListFat-Duck-Nitro-Poached-ApreritifsFat-Duck-Red-Cabbage-GazpachoFat-Duck-Melbourne-Dining-ExperienceFat-Duck-Savoury-LolliesFat-Duck-Homage-Alain-ChapelFat-Duck-Melbourne-Jelly-Quail-Marron-Craem-Truffle-ToastFat-Duck-Melbourne-Table-SettingFat-Duck-Snail-PorridgeFat-Duck-Melbourne-Roast-MarronFat-Duck-Melbourne-Alice-WonderlandFat-Duck-Melbourne-Tea-Party-Pocket-WatchFat-Duck-Melbourne-Mock-Turtle-SoupFat-Duck-Melbourne-Mock-Turtle-SoupFat-Duck-Melbourne-Tea-Party-ToastFat-Duck-Melbourne-decantersFat-Duck-Melbourne-Sound-of-the-seaFat-Duck-Melbourne-Sound-of-the-seaFat-Duck-Melbourne-Sound-of-the-seaFat-Duck-Melbourne-serviceFat-Duck-Melbourne-Salmon-Poached-Licorice-GelFat-Duck-Melbourne-Salmon-Golden-Trout-RoeFat-Duck-Melbourne-InteriorFat-Duck-Melbourne-Lamb-with-cucumberFat-Duck-Melbourne-Hot-Iced-TeaFat-Duck-Melbourne-IroningFat-Duck-Melbourne-Botrytis-cinerea-dessertFat-Duck-Melbourne-PuzzleFat-Duck-Melbourne-Interior-Clock

Amanda Tan

I said ‘no’ to the fat duck – but after looking at your photos, I wish I coughed up the 525$! Loving your work.

A x

Dude, great intro to frame the post. Made me chuckle : )

So very peanut and butter jealous of you and your experience with arguably the king of crazy awesome cuisine. Epic shots too.

– Fred

Rebecca Omura

Harvard your work is simply stunning! So many amazing memories.