” I’m a morning person. I enjoy long walks at the park, reading, and cooking at home. ”

Whenever I read profile descriptions like that, I would scoff.
Like, unless you’re 104 years old, no one in real life is like that.

Every morning, my daughter would wake up at 6 am.
We know because she’s learned to crawl next to us, and she’s howling right into our faces.
Once I ‘snoozed’ myself long enough, I’d take her out to the closest coffee shop. (They know me and my order by heart now.)
That way, at least mum gets to sleep.
On my way back Hana would fall asleep for 30 minutes.
I sit at the park with a book, most likely borrowed from the library.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays we go to the market.
Victoria Markets is vastly different in the early mornings. I get ‘thank you’s and a full view of the fishes without being elbowed.
After 10 years, I can finally say that I know a ‘guy’ at a ‘shop’ who sells the best strawberries. Like, strawberry flavoured meat.
We started making pizza from scratch, we made tofu from scratch.
When I talk to my couples, I ask what they are cooking on their days off.
I have a digital folder of recipes now.

If I’m not out shooting, I’d be editing furiously for a couple of hours during the day.
Then I’d prep and cook dinner while mum bathes baby and get her to sleep.
And because we were up since 6 am, we’d hit the sack roughly by 9 pm.

I have become a morning person who enjoys taking long walks at the park, who reads and cooks at home.

Being a dad means my life has been distilled to a dating profile.
My past life is probably scoffing at me now.

Weirdly, I’m completely ok with that.